Green Efforts

The DFW Connector project committed to reconstructing State Highways 114 and 121 in ways that minimized environmental impacts. Below are some of ways we worked to protect the environment during construction.

  • Air Quality
  • Water Use Reduction & Quality
  • Habitat & Wildlife
  • Hazardous Material Management
  • Recycling & Reusing

In 2013, the DFW Connector was awarded the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) Globe Award for its environmental efforts and commitment.



Dust control:

To minimize dust on the project, water trucks drove through each operation and sprayed water to moisten the ground. Water trucks filled up with water at large Klein tanks, similar to how a car fills up with gas at a gas station.

maintenanceMaintenance program:

At NorthGate, we maintained and repaired equipment at our maintenance facility. Performing maintenance inspections and repairing equipment at this facility allowed for fewer spills and leaks, lower emissions and higher fuel efficiency.

Idling policy:
Our pieces of equipment are only allowed to run for three to five minutes without moving. After five minutes, equipment must be turned off or used. Our idling policy reduces air pollution, improving air quality in the DFW Metroplex.

Night work:
We performed much of our construction and lane closures at night. This means that during the day, we avoided causing traffic delays, which ultimately increases emissions.


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water_recycling Testing and sampling:
Our water testing and sampling ensured the highest performance of operations and prevented pollution.Water recycling:
We recycled water in several ways on this project. At our maintenance facility, a water recycler took water from vehicle washing and filtered it for reuse.
storm_water Storm Water Best Management
Practices (BMPs):

Our BMPs ensured that all dirt from the construction site stayed within the construction site. NorthGate’s BMPs included rock filter dams, silt fence and silt sock. Our silt sock was filled with 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable materials. We also put additives in our silt sock to help neutralize pH, which ensured that any water leaving the construction site was safe.

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Bird nest surveys:

Prior to bridge demolition and clearing trees, we inspected all bridges and trees for active bird nests. During nesting season, all active nests were protected. For example, we preserved this Mourning Dove nest at DFW Airport until the doves permanently left the nest.

ripraian_habitatsPreserved habitats:

NorthGate preserved riparian habitats and protected streams and wetlands. In fact, we changed some construction designs to protect these important environmental areas.

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High-tech fueling facility and trucks:

Our state-of-the-art fueling facility prevented gas spills and minimized Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.

Universal waste

NorthGate managed universal waste to ensure that certain materials like batteries and light bulbs were disposed of properly.Spill kits and training:
Each company truck and piece of equipment on this job included a spill kit, and employees were trained on how to use them to clean up small spills.

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onsite_crushersConcrete recycling:

NorthGate will have on-site crushers during the I-635/SH 121 interchange construction. These machines brake down old concrete from previous removals and recycle it for use as base in new pavement. Recycling concrete also reduces emissions because we don’t have to transfer materials from a rock quarry.

Metal recycling:
Our primary rebar (steel reinforcing bar) supplier made their rebar out of 95% recycled materials (80% post-consumer and 15% pre-consumer).

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