Project Timeline


The FM 2499 construction includes rebuilding the mainlanes of FM 2499 from SH 121 to Denton Creek. These new lanes will be built below grade level, and will allow commuters to bypass the intersections of Stars and Stripes Way and Grapevine Mills Boulevard. There will be a north and southbound FM 2499 frontage road, and the two intersections will be rebuilt as bridges. The bridges over Denton Creek will also be rebuilt. Construction began in late 2013 and will be completed in 2017. Click here for our fact sheet.

What can you expect to see IN the UPCOMING months?
  • We are continuing to relocate gas, electric and telecommunication utilities along the new northbound FM 2499 frontage road and FM 2499 mainlanes.
  • Structures crews will begin reconstruction of the FM 2499 bridge over Denton Creek.
  • The old Sonic building and parking lot will be demolished.
  • Crews are finishing up paving on the northbound FM 2499 frontage road, including paving for inlets (drainage), mow strips and sidewalks. In summer, we plan to move northbound FM 2499 traffic onto the new frontage road.


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